Includes Champion® products and High Schools!

Shirts for Your Customers, Cash for Schools

Each time your customers order Hanes® or Champion® printed shirts, they can earn a cash rebate for a K-12 school.

* See Styles & Colors at Hanes4Education.com. for qualifying styles. Products purchased at retail are not eligible for this offer.

Any school, business, organization, team or group can participate in the Hanes4Education program, making it a great way to promote your business in the community.

It's Easy! There is absolutely no work required on your part. Just let your customers know that they can help support local K-12 schools simply by ordering Hanes® or Champion® products. The online Rebate Form is available at Hanes4Education.com and can be completed by the customer or by the recipient school.

Here's how it works

Step 1

Your customers order Hanes® or Champion® printed T-shirts, sportshirts and sweatshirts.

Step 2

They complete the Rebate Form found at Hanes4Education.com and submit along with a copy of their invoice.

Step 3

In 4-6 weeks, their designated school will receive a check.

Order Hanes4Education Marketing Tools

Contact Hanes Customer Service at hbi_service@hanes.com or (800) 685-7557 to order marketing materials for your business.

Hanes4Education Sales Kit also available! (includes poster, tear pad, door cling, T-shirt and sales sheet)

Download Hanes4Education Marketing Tools

Please view our Vendor Guidelines below regarding logo and imagery usage.

Marketing Guidelines for Vendors

Vendors are encouraged to use the downloadable materials and images available on this site and on Hanes4Education.com to communicate to customers, schools, businesses, teams and other organizations about the program and how orders of Hanes® and Champion® products can earn cash for local K-12 schools.

Please contact Hanes Customer Service (800-685-7557 or hbi_service@hanes.com) if you have any questions or would like to acquire additional sales support materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hanes4Education?

A: The Hanes4Education program helps your customers support K-12 schools through their purchases of printed Hanes® and Champion® products.

How does the program work?

A: Each time your customers order Hanes® or Champion® printed shirts, sportshirts, fleece and shorts for corporate apparel, team uniforms, event shirts, etc., they can earn a cash rebate for a K-12 school ($0.10 per piece). There’s no work for you – the customer or the recipient school submits the Rebate Form and a copy of their invoice/receipt to Hanes4Education and the school receives a check within 4-6 weeks of submission (check value must be at least $10.00).

Note: Wholesaler invoices from suppliers are not allowed.

What if the rebate check is less than $10.00?

A: To avoid sending multiple small value checks throughout the year, Hanes4Education is requiring that a school earn at least $10.00 (100 shirts) before a check is issued. For schools with small orders, these orders will accumulate until the $10.00 check minimum is reached. On December 1, all schools who did not reach the minimum will be sent checks even if that amount is less than $10.00.

Who fills out the Rebate Form?

A: The Rebate Form can be completed by the customer or by the recipient school. Or you can complete and submit the Rebate Form on behalf of your customers.

I thought Hanes4Education was a Box Tops program?

A: Hanes4Education is now a cash rebate program. Our new Hanes4Education program is different in 3 important ways:

  • Now open to all public and private K-12 schools, so high schools can earn too
  • Expanded to include printed shirts and fleece under both our Hanes® and Champion® brands
  • Customers can earn a cash rebate for a K-12 school for each order they place with screen-print suppliers and those checks will be sent directly to the school within 4-6 weeks of submitting the completed Rebate Form
For customer orders of Hanes® and Champion® products in September, do these products qualify?

A: Yes! All orders of Hanes® and Champion® products ordered on or after September 1, 2015, qualify for the new cash rebate program.

What about orders placed before September 1, 2015?

A: Orders of Hanes® products placed before September 1, 2015, can still earn Box Tops. See the Redemption Form found on Hanes4Education.com. Redemption Forms must be submitted within a year of the invoice date to qualify.

What schools qualify for Hanes4Education?

A: Public and private schools (K-12) registered with the appropriate state agency are eligible to participate in the Hanes4Education program.

What Hanes® or Champion® products qualify for Hanes4Education?

A: Hanes® and Champion® printed T-shirts, sportshirts, fleece and shorts purchased from screen-print suppliers qualify for the Hanes4Education program. For a complete list of Hanes® and Champion® products available from suppliers, go to the Styles & Colors section on Hanes4Education.com.

How much cash can a school earn?

A: With Hanes4Education, schools will earn $0.10 for every Hanes® or Champion® printed shirt that your customers order. For an order of 100 T-shirts, a designated school will receive a rebate check for $10.00. The same formula applies for sportshirts and fleece. A maximum of $500 (5,000 printed shirts) can be earned per order, and a school may earn a maximum of $5,000 from the Hanes4Education program per calendar year. Rebate requests in excess of this maximum will not carry over to the following calendar year.

Is Adopt-A-School program still part of the program?

A: Yes! It has been fully incorporated into the new program. Any business, organization, or event that orders Hanes® or Champion® printed shirts from suppliers can earn cash for their favorite K-12 schools.

Is there any minimum or maximum order?

A: There is no minimum order. However, the school will only receive a rebate check once the orders have exceeded 100 shirts ($10.00) or December 1, whichever comes first. Additionally, there is a maximum of $500 (5,000 shirts) that can be earned per order.

If a customer wants to support two schools, can two schools earn a cash rebate from the purchase?

A: Invoices can only be used once to support a rebate payment for a single school. Duplicate invoice submissions are not allowed. However, if a customer has multiple invoices, each invoice can go to a different school.

What if a customer has multiple orders? Can they submit all of them with one Rebate Form?

A: Only one order can be submitted per Rebate Form. Customers will need to submit a new Rebate Form for each order. To attach an invoice/receipt to the online Rebate Form, click the Choose File button on the computer, browse for the file (needs to be jpeg, pdf or tif format), select it and click Open. If the customer’s invoice has multiple files, they should attach all of them (individual file size cannot exceed 5MB). There is a limit of 20MB for the total attachments.

How long do customers have to submit the Rebate Form?

A: Rebate Forms must be submitted within a year of the invoice date to qualify.

Can suppliers submit Rebate Forms using invoices from wholesalers?

A: Wholesaler invoices from suppliers are not allowed.